So many women I work with leave their 9-5, corporate jobs to create a life that they love, that they are truly passionate about.

They want a family flexible business that allows them to earn an income and spend time with their babies. 

Fast forward 12 months and they are stressed out and on the verge burnout.... they are working triple the amount of hours they were before for a third of the $$, just trying to get their businesses off the ground ... 

In the meantime, they are missing out on the NOW. Their kids are growing up before their eyes. 

Are you ready to leave your 9-5 and create your own profitable lifestyle business?

So that you can spend more time with the people that matter most to you. 

There is an interesting correlation between having a baby and starting a business - in order to grow and develop they both need a lot of time, nurturing and love. 

Being a Mumma + entrepreneur can be a very lonely, very windy road.... But I've totally got you ! 

Freebies to help build your baby massage & yoga business

My Top 10 Way To Elevate Yourself As a Teacher + Make Your Classes Extra Special.

My Top 10 Way To Elevate Yourself As a Teacher + Make Your Classes Extra Special.

My 10 favourite ways to create connection with my babes. 

How to juggle your business and babies ... without burning out. 

Amy's Inner Circle

Learning about growing your baby business is one thing... 

Walking alongside Amy as you establish and grow your business with her proven, successful strategies that she has applied with  in her own business...Well, that is quite another....


Monthly Marketing 

Monthly marketing strategies delivered to your door. 

I love having something tangible to highlight, make notes and brainstorm all over so that's what I am giving to you! 

These strategies are ones that I've implemented in my own business and now I want to share them with you so you can fast track your own success. I also share with you all the mistakes that I've made along the way (and there were a lot) so that you don't make them!! 

PS. Each month they are a surprise !! 

Topics will include strategies around social media (paid + free traffic) strategies, PR, content creations, video marketing, mindset and so much more ! 

Live Training Calls 

You'll have access to monthly members only "Live Training Calls" where you have access to Amy to answer any strategic or technical questions you may have. 

These calls compliment your monthly marketing strategy. Amy will go thoroughly go through your monthly marketing strategy and give you an opportunity to ask questions, brainstorm and bounce questions around the group. 

Enjoy the security and support of having Amy in your corner LIVE every month for advice, support, trouble-shooting and HOT tips for you to implement into your own business...there truly is nothing holding you back from building your very own successful lifestyle-friendly business!

Private Facebook Group

Amy's Inner Circle Facebook Group is an exclusive private group for those participating in the Amy's Inner Circle Business Mentorship! 


This is the perfect place to discuss your progress in the monthly strategies & celebrate the wins! It also gives you a wonderful opportunity to troubleshoot any challenges you're having and brainstorm/ bounce ideas around the group. 


You'll make life-long friends and be able to be cheered on in your walk as a female entrepreneur.


You'll receive VIP treatment at our  multiple Teach Love Retreat.  These incredible, inspiring and action-focused weekends will leave you refreshed and buzzing, excited for your adventure that lies ahead…


They’ll also give you practical, powerful steps and strategies that you will start working on with us in the room to help you elevate yourself as an industry expert, expand your practice + increase your bookings, boost brand awareness and basically just become a girl boss!


Practice Extension + Business Development Retreat


Do you want new ideas each month to market your business and bring in a constant stream of enquires ?

Do you want to retain your clients and grow your client base?

Do you want new ideas to market your business in a fun and easy way?

Do you have very limited time and just someone to make it easy for you by delivering innovative strategies to your door that will not only help you establish and grow your business but also elevate you as an industry expert? 


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