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Amy Booker,

Australian Trainer For Blossom & Berry

Blossom & Berry launched into Australia in 2019...  

Blossom & Berry is an International Baby Massage & Yoga Training Organisation. 


Combined Baby Massage & Yoga Immersion Course

+ 6 Months Business Mentorship. 

Baby Massage Instructor Course 

20 & 21 February

Baby Yoga Instructor Course 

22 & 23 February

Baby Massage Instructor Course 

25 & 26 February

Baby Yoga Instructor Course 

27 & 28 February

Baby Massage Instructor Course 

2 & 3rd March 

Baby Yoga Instructor Course 

3 & 4th March 

Baby Massage Instructor Course 

26 & 27th May 

Baby Yoga Instructor Course 

28th & 29th May

Our Nurture Experience- I want to make sure our training is the right fit for you.

You want to teach baby massage and yoga and it needs to feel just right. I want you to succeed and that means finding exactly the right training provider for you.

We don’t just offer teacher training; You get a complete business in a box. We are here to support your growth professionally and personally.


Our training covers everything you need to know to be a success;

  • Expertise and knowledge in your subject;

  • Teaching techniques to become an inspiring and dynamic teacher;

  • Business skills and mentoring to help you start your successful teaching practice.

Everyone at Blossom & Berry is here to teach the importance of love, connection and our first relationships. I want all our teachers, and the parents and babies that they teach, to feel that they belong. I delibrately chose not to be a franchise because freedom and creativity are two of my top values but I give you all the community, support and resources you need with all our training as part of the package.There are on going NO licence fees EVER with our training.

I know it’s a big decision to start a new project or move in a new direction, which is why we are here to hold your hand. Nurturing and creating connections is at the heart of all we do. That starts with my teachers and flows through to parent and baby classes. It’s my job to make sure you are a confident teacher and I am here to listen and create what you need to succeed. We grow both babies and businesses with love.

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Just imagine for a moment that you could.....

  • Create a family flexible business that you love 

  • Leave the 9-5 and create a more relaxed lifestyle for yourself and your family 

  • Earn a great income serving mothers and babies 

  • Express your special qualities and talents and shine bright 

  • Love what you do everyday and never get bored of learning or “working” 

  • Find a circle of amazing women all aligned with you and supporting you in your journey 


I can help you achieve all this and more! 


I would love to train you to become a baby massage and yoga teacher. We have got all your training needs covered and you are safe in our hands. 

100% of our students and teachers said our courses exceeded all their expectations and over delivered on value.

love creates love

We teach and train individuals to nurture babies and children to create positive, healthy and happy relationships and secure attachment for the future. 

Relaxed positive parents create relaxed, secure and positive children. 

We teach respect, positive communication and love to babies and children through nurturing touch we invest in a more compassionate society. 

Love and touch are completely connected. Touch communicates love and love deepens connection. 

Big changes from from this and the impact can be beneficial for us all. It truly starts with touch and connection. 


How you make a difference from the start when you study with us.

When you invest in your training with Blossom & Berry you make a difference. We give 10% of all our baby massage teacher training enrolments to support vulnerable parents and babies around the world through our Nurture Foundation.

When you join us you help bring postive and empowering change to famillies and communities across the world through our projects which include;

  • Free bursary teacher training places

  • Free orphanage teacher training across the world.

  • Mother & Baby health and wellness initiatives in Malawi, Ghana & Botswana

  • Voluntary “Love Creates Love” groups for parents and babies across the world

  • Support for refugee famillies in Greece

  • Free training for organisations supporting vulnerable parents and babies in Australia.

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